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'Six small' Shanghai restrictions countdown hotel charge face strict controls of opportunity

Date: 2019-06-22

Distance of Shanghai municipality on implementing the lodging industry "six small" restrictions in less than two weeks, culture and tourism bureau of Shanghai will explain the related policy details.

June 18, the Beijing business newspaper reporter learns from wen travel bureau in Shanghai, on July 1st, although Shanghai hotel can't active configuration, the set of disposable supplies, but when the house guest made it clear that need, the hotel still can provide "six small", and the original hotel had no charge, not to collect fees.After the head, policy implementation, there will be a specialized law enforcement team spot check regularly, to ensure that the implementation effect.

Recently, the hotel with "six small" truly become the hot topic in the lodging industry., according to a New Deal the upcoming Shanghai hotel in the future no longer offer "six small", including disposable toothbrushes, combs, bath brush, razor, nail file, shoe brush.Related to this, Shanghai wen brigade bureau, explained the "six small" is room everyday life within the recycling and reuse, and convenient for consumers to travel carry commodities, "choose the category, both the driving waste source reduction, tourist accommodation enterprises operability, the convenience of hotel guests, etc."The controller is put forward, "do not offer" point is "not active", the hotel can't active configuration, set of disposable supplies, embodies the "passive";But when house guest made it clear that need, the hotel still can provide the "six small", is provide ways to send the door also can be a guest to a specific site claims, etc.

For consumers care about most, the future hotel offers "six small" the question of whether or not to have to charge, wen travel bureau in Shanghai market management office director Gu Jianbin gives a negative answer.Gu Jianbin said the hotel evaluation criteria such as the industry standard for a specific hotel service has clear provisions shall comply with and without restrictions, whether the charge is determined by the enterprises themselves, had no fee, not to collect fees;Shall be notified to guests express ahead of time, such as the charge fee, and make plain code marks a price and so on related work, "after the policy implementation, Shanghai will have special law enforcement team regular spot check the hotel's effect."

And the upcoming "six small" restrictions is proposed, for the hotel business units to offer rooms disposable supplies, cultural tourism department shall order correction within a time limit;Do not make the corrections within the time limit, will also be a fine of not more than 500 yuan and 5000 yuan.

Wen travel bureau in Shanghai, on the other hand, also has been clear about the "six small" restrictions and rate adjustment does not directly link up with the principle of the hotel guest room price in market regulation, which set by the operator is independent.

It is important to note that this article travel bureau in Shanghai also puts forward the adjustment direction of the "six small" coverage., said an official with the related hotel in follow under the premise of industry standards, can according to oneself and customers increase not actively provide varieties of products, and Shanghai will also according to the level of economic and social development, the waste source reduction work demands, market supply and demand situation and the social acceptance, update tourist lodging industry "does not offer one-off products catalogue".The huamei hotel consultant co., LTD., chief expert Zhao Huanyan said, knowledge management in the future, if the "six small" restricted policies to further expand, especially to cover the liquid products, will have an objective problem, namely, according to China's current regulations when flying passengers carrying more than 100 ml of liquid needs to be checked, and at the time of the accommodation that some consumers tend to require the hotel to provide toiletries, therefore, provide recycled bottles, stationary shampoo, bath liquid and so on May be relative to "compromise".