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Chinese tourists fire depth tour around the world

Date: 2019-07-12

China's outbound passengers beyond tourism for the first time.In 2018, nearly 150 million Chinese outbound passengers, up 14.7%.Inbound passengers 140 million, an increase of 1.2%.Behind the Numbers is burning the global Chinese tourists to swim, especially the depth of passion."Watch" tourism is to "experience".

These new demand also has given rise to new businesses and services.Reporter recently learned from flying pigs on the flying pigs, "the shop" has begun, "authentic, country of origin for straight" became the new force of tourist service, injected a steady stream of fresh blood to the supply and demand at both ends, but also build up the Chinese open the new picture of the world.

Railway increasingly become the latest must-haves in the Chinese people to explore the world.In order to meet this demand, railway operators around the world.The iron is one of them.In 2015, the opening Eurail tourism flagship store in flying pig iron, iron outside the only official ticketing website as the channel, 4 years maintained a 50% annual sales growth rate.

Speak Chinese fluently after 90 Dutch lads Fang Taorui (ThomValks) had been flying pigs European iron only "foreign small 2" flagship store, in taobao wangwang to do precise unriddling for Chinese guests, planning the real journey.

Set up shop in Fang Taorui point of view, the iron in the flying pigs the reason is very simple, that is, where is the guest, where shop should be open."We found that more and more Chinese people is through the Internet platform travel arrangements.Young Chinese tourists like to travel by train together and Chinese students are often take parents experience the iron.Most of them are less than 30 years old, is the iron of the fastest growing user groups in China."

Nowadays, Fang Taorui had gone from "foreign small 2" longer to a manager, he with the iron China regional staff (computer division of labor cooperation, with the iron flagship store and China's business.China team will collect the needs of the consumers, feedback to Fang Taorui and his team in Europe, then on the basis of adjustment and promotion of products and services.

In fact, is not only the iron, railway system all over the world attention by Chinese tourists.Flying pigs platform and a Japanese Shinkansen, the Russian Siberian railway, iron these world famous railway systems, even some railway lines in less developed areas because of its unique amorous feelings and practicability become "web celebrity products".

The relevant person in charge of flying pigs, for example, in the sea line from Colombo to galle, Sri Lanka, local service personnel not only help Chinese guests booking, will accompany you to the station, to guide you how to grab a good seat.In Japan, last July, flying pigs and JR, kyushu launched a series of theme small train trip.JR, kyushu of gold small train, such as seven star train is never before selling the products in the Chinese market, was snapped up online after half an hour.

In addition to the railway new posture open regular destinations, Chinese tourists are experimenting with new tourism projects.Diving is gradually become an important part of tourism.Ten years ago, the fairy in Malaysia this is still a niche that destination, is now the Chinese favorite dive textual research.International professional diving coaches association (my PADI), according to data from the global diving textual research for the annual growth rate of about 5%, while the growth in the number of Chinese textual research is 40%.

In 2018, my PADI flying pigs opened its flagship store, the main sales quality dive shops diving course."Flagship store, the purpose are not only for sales, we are more important platform of young consumers, this can let more Chinese people understand diving."My PADI LouYan greater China President said.