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loulouscore:3.5 / 52020-10-28

Hotel location is very good, across the road towards the direction of the Bund to walk about 200 meters, there was a steamed stuffed bun shop, there's little chaos is really very delicious, Center of machinery and electric equipment tendering bids I was, here is a one-stop, we walked past, there are Starbucks, places to eat, nothing less.
greggliuscore:4.0 / 52020-10-26

So so
jimmyyang999score:4.5 / 52020-10-26

Nice! location is near the Zhongshan hospital. price too!
crescentscore:4.8 / 52020-10-24

Room slightly small
asdfescore:5.0 / 52020-10-24

Perfect, good, place, environment, that is, rooms are a little small, but perfectly formed, it was
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